1. Pregnancy at the Cockroach festival will skyrocket this year.

  2. Lonely Joe

    40 more reasons I’m glad I stayed home.

  3. Kneel before Skarsgard

  4. I love that he didn’t dressed up to look like a hippie

  5. Swearin

    She’s not falling for that “glamouring” bullshit his kind is known to do

  6. Is that Hamm on his left?!? Dear God! RUN!!!!

  7. “Goddamit I am pregnant. How am I going to break this to my husband?”

  8. Vlad

    I suddenly feel dizzy and something growing inside my uterus.

    You’re welcome

  9. Sancho


  10. “If you’re that close to an orgasm I could actually stick it in and put you right over the edge.”

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