1. Okay, Kellan, you’re already ahead of the curve. Having ugly wingmen is unnecessary and *mean*.

  2. Even without the orange vest that fat fuck guy on the left would be seen 5 miles away at a duck hunting.

  3. He is wearing a see through nipple shirt. He is like a super bro.

  4. It’s a practice run for Halloween. If orange vest gets it correct and moves to the left of Kellan, they’re going as the number 100.

  5. I swear I thought that was two fat lesbians with colon problems.

  6. I got news for you guys, those are dykes!

  7. Corey Feldman called to say, “You’re not doing it right.”

  8. So Kellan is a chubby chaser?

  9. Bob

    “Look, tubby, just do what you’re told. If anyone asks, your name is ‘Jonah’ and you better refer to me as ‘Mr. DiCaprio’ in at least every other sentence. Got it?”

  10. Handsome Matt

    Awesome! got my bros, Jonah, Carrot top, let’s go score some dudes!

  11. Jack Nicholson looks pretty good here.

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