1. Cuddles

    How does someone that rich always look that homeless?

  2. rican

    So now we know that a good closeup photo of Janice Dickinson will show that she does have facial hair.

  3. He may be the only one who legitimately belongs at Coachella.

  4. I’m not saying that if you put all of Coachella into a giant blender you would get this picture, but I am saying that I’m willing to try it and find out.

  5. It’s one of the old ladies in Grey Gardens

  6. When aging wood sprites go hipster

  7. DNG

    Holy shit what the fuck?

  8. Swearin

    What the fuck is Jack Sparrow’s dad doing there?

  9. Dude looks like a lady.

  10. Handsome Matt

    Vanessa! enough is enough! We get it, you’re a “hippie” !

  11. Alex

    this is what I pulled from my shower drain this morning…

  12. Lindsay Lohan’s mom needs to get her estrogen leveled up…

  13. “I can’t believe my posse woke me up early just for this shit…”

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