1. Walter Peck

    Busta girdle.

  2. Chaz

    Busta Gut

  3. Busta Waistband.

  4. Gut Busta 5000 (lbs)

  5. The bottle is filled with melted butter.

  6. Busta Upside-down Hefty Bag with Arm Hole Cutouts

  7. Monsignor Nelson

    Busta Trousas.

  8. It took 20 minutes for that belly to get on stage.

  9. Harsky & Starch

    Busta’s lady was there too (Rah Digga), did a remix of her single: “…and my man’s pants is TIIIIIGHT!!!!”

  10. DNG

    Holy shit what the fuck?

  11. cajunhawk

    I think he just got told that the McRib is back…

  12. Handsome Matt

    “Hold up!!, wait a minute!!………… I just seen Dominos pull up”

  13. While he was getting us all in check, he forgot to keep his gut in check.

  14. j

    Busta Trans Fat

  15. “Everyone runnnn…he’s gonna spew!!!”

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