1. I wondered why the line was so long at the penicillin tent.

  2. The “rich” part only fits because one of those two guys (either the one looking longingly after her or the one reaching out toward her) is about to pay her a nice sum for a BJ a la Butler

  3. Judging from that outfit, she is on her way to a porta-potty to meet Butler.

  4. yourmom

    yeah, sober people wear this shit all the time.

  5. Crack is Whack

    She couldn’t afford a ticket so she snuck in with the VIP waitstaff. Looks like her boss is pissed she lost her pants.

  6. Mexican cartel protecting their #1 client.

  7. Vlad

    Abducted by a terrorist in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  8. JoelBillly

    Thats a pasty bitch.

  9. Looks like Tevye from “Fiddler on the Roof” wants his wayward daughter back…

  10. C’mon, Lindsay. Give an old man a thrill and flash those famous titties.

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