1. A low cut bikini top that is half an inch from a wardrobe malfunction, coochie cutter shorts, and a tulle skirt for a dash of modesty.

  2. “Hey, Bruce, have you seen Tal– oh shit, this is embarrassing.”

  3. Bruce, you really got to dilute your baby batter.

  4. She has $ millions and she wears this shit? I’m don’t have to be gay to tell you wearing socks on open heels or scandals is blasphemy !

    • Oh BABY

      Her parents shit money, but does she herself have any? Maybe she dresses like a homeless mess because she is one? Just a thought. Not all rich parents hand buckets of money to their kids; some rich parents expect their kids to earn their own livings.

  5. That face just calls out RUFF RUFF!!

  6. Armageddon outta here!

  7. Spleen

    I didn’t realize that it was a circus.

  8. should have covered up the top half

  9. anonym


    Is there a more fucked up looking family than the Willis family?

    Talk about getting a fucked up mix of DNA.

    Check out this picture of the 2 sisters….. ugly as fuck! They look like they’re missing a chromosome.

  10. Tonethius

    They might not be the hottest babes, but the Willis women sure do have nice tits.

    My mom always said if I couldn’t say anything nice…..

  11. ‘Celebrities’ …


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