1. Jesus A Christ, please someone stick that Sunflower up his pompous Ass asap! I have never seen some many fake Hippies congregate in one fucken place. One B52 could drop napalm on all these douche bags! Really would it be any lost to humanity?
    I’m old……………………..

  2. You’re absolutely right…Not that you’re old, which you may be, but any surplus napalm would be put to good use here.
    Since when do hippies own watches that cost more than my car!?

  3. “If you want me to take my clothes off, you’re going to have to do better than one French fry!”

  4. She looks like a cheap 58 year old hooker. Or a cheap 23 year old meth addicted hooker. Either way, she’s under thirty bucks.

  5. Why do women think it’s sexy to look up to their boyfriends like they’re 4 year olds?
    He’s not your daddy. Unless that’s you thing…

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