1. Cock Dr

    Yeah, I’d like to see her try to swim in that swimsuit.

  2. Tibby

    I have heard two different things about Katie and Tom since their divorce . I have heard that she is pregnant with their second child and then again I have heard she wasn’t pregnant. As far as custody of suri is concerned , I LOVE both her parents but think that Katie has gone to far. I think Tom deserves custody of the cute six year old allowing generous visitation for Katie. I lost both of my adorable boys who are 2 years old and 1 years old just because I refused to divorce my husband . I married my husband the same year I gave birth to Jaden my two year old son, If I had divorced my husband Andrew the following year when I gave birth to Ashton I probably would have been able to keep custody of Ashton and my parents would have given Jaden back to me. It is sad that Jaden doesn’t know who his biological parents are. He sees me every once in awhile when my mom helps me with things. Of course he isn’t allowed to see his own brother. My youngest son’s foster parents don’t allow Jaden or Ashton to see each other. I don’t want Suri not to be able to see her daddy or brother or sister because her mom is acting like a total bitch.

  3. Tibby

    Okay from a mother’s point of view here. Katie is a great mother , but Tom is also a great father. Katie this was your first marriage and Tom’s third. Tom is getting generous visitation with Suri right now but will it continue? I dn’t want to see Tom and Katie’s daughter go through the same crap my kids are going through. For crying out loud Katie you had a major crush on Tom before you married him. If your daughter wants to live with her daddy endulge her wim and let her , it may just be a phase she is going through.

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