1. Hugh Gentry

    I would give anything for 30 minutes with those

  2. Bobby

    Momma!! Love it!!

  3. Hugh Gentry

    I want to see her use the shake weight.

  4. Backes

    1000CC FOR SURE!!! ehehehehehehehehe

  5. Matt

    According to Backes, the only way women can have large breasts is if they have implants — which Christina definitely does not have

  6. those tits are bigger than some girls’ asses. and better shaped. she basically has an ass chest.

    • The Internet

      …holy shit another unfunny and wholly boring comment I must replicate…

      • ok mighty wise one since ur obviously a top writer or english professor, would you have prefered ‘ass chested’? ‘butt chested’? i made the connection that i hadn’t seen prior. at least im thinking.

  7. Rugerfaces

    Implants, 1000CC I dfon’t care I love it Very very much

  8. I was getting kinda tired of her, but damn!

  9. Expert on Everything

    She is a very fat woman big boobs or not. She looks depressed and medicated. This woman is not appreciated for anything but her uncomfortable chest. Kill yourself now I recommend.

    • Katie

      You’re severely retarded.

    • Expert on Everything

      Nevermind, I suck cock.

    • badonkadonk

      wow angsty much? disregarding her chest, the rest of her body is quite good. sure compared to A-list celebrities and supermodels she looks chubbier, but i’d wager that her natural body would fit into the healthy range of the BMI (body mass index if you’re an idiot)
      also, don’t joke about depression or drugs and no-one should ever be told to commit suicide.

      stay happy, stay strong, say hi to your mum for me

  10. IbdaJudge

    Hey “expert”, about the only thing you be versed well enough on to comment is the faux wood paneling in moms basement. That woman is what is right in this wolrd!

  11. yowillie

    Love my cock between those babies.

  12. jimmy

    Anyone ready for a gang-fuck of this delicious fuck-toy? She needs some DICK!!!

  13. jimmy

    I wanna get her PREGNANT!!!!!

  14. JJJJJ

    She’s not a “very fat woman”. God damn, some of you are retarded. I swear.

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