1. NG

    This isn’t motor boating anymore, it’s yachting.

  2. This is a mannequin, right?

  3. I’m officially bored with seeing this chicks fat titties busting out of every dress she’s ever worn. I mean it’s good to know where your talent lies, but her tits are the Keanu Reeves of artistic range.

  4. NOI

    She’s perfect
    Her eyes’ colors are so piercing… I wonder if they are color contacts though… seems like they are sterling grey

  5. Quijibo

    She looks retarded.

  6. Mama Pinkus

    she is gross – weird how both her left tit and left high are higher

  7. She’s what used to be referred to as pleasingly plump. I find her plumpness exceptionally pleasing.

  8. The Most Interesting

    Why is Lady Titty McSmoosh-Smoosh at the BAFTAs?

  9. This woman is a joke. Do you really have to wear dresses that emphasize how fat your boobs are EVERY time you make an appearance. They don’t even look good.

  10. Gern Blanston

    I don’t get it. Not hot at all. Freakishly large fake boobs. Whatever. Not interested.

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