1. asmell

    Love the look on that guys face behind her!!!!

    Christina Hendricks looks pretty gross here, sporting a mild camel toe and a smoke. Never noticed her stunning lack of chin before. I have to say I agree she should always parade about with her cleavage popping or else we might all notice how fugly she is.

  2. GravyLeg

    She was SUPER hot on Firefly….
    Here…. Meh… Bottom heavy grumpy looking ginger….

  3. asmell

    Ya well Firefly was so fantastic and she was younger then. I hardly recognize ‘Our Mrs. Reynolds’ here!

  4. dee


  5. Katie

    Well, you may think she’s fat but she’s rich and famous. Beats all of our lives, thats for sure.

  6. LIVE45

    Why are people so critical of others let her live her life.And she is gorgeous smoking are not.And she is no were near fat in these picks.People are so into the stick model when a real woman show up they cant except her.

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