1. cabora


  2. her face looks really different. what’s up? is that really even her?

    did she have work done? or did she loose a little weight?

    • doubt it …it’s a blurry shot and she doesn’t have the red carpet clown make up. Plus she’s got those smile lines …that’s one of the first things they use the needle on.

      I don’t think we’re used to seeing her so relaxed. nicotine.

  3. All you guys calling her fat….I’m so sure you would tell her to her face, if she was standing in front of you naked, that she was a fat piece of shit. Even if she was begging for your tiny dicks, you would still turn her away? HIGHLY DOUBT IT.
    She is hot. Face facts.

    • who called her fat here? go to the main article page at least …you’re preaching to the choir

    • Juiol

      Don’t be angry with those who don’t share your (very) low standards.

    • tod

      c’mon, you have to admit she IS kinda chubby.
      shes wearing those chubby girl jeans that are high waisted to conciel the love handles and a size too small, thats why the camel toe is showing….. all chubby girls do this…………. weve all seen it.

  4. her cameltoe is pretty SMALL, too…that’s a good sign :)

    and @dontgetit: yeah, she rocks my socks…no hatin’ here…i think she’s PERFECT…

  5. TheDuuuuuude

    The Duuuuuude would give her a mustache ride…




  6. Shannonhumphreys

    Love her!
    That is a real woman’s body.

    • tod

      yea real common…nothing special, this is what most women look like after having a few kids,wide hips fat ass saggy boobs

  7. i really don’t think that’s Christine Hendricks, though…

  8. See Alice

    Is that a camel toe or a roll of fat ?

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