she looks fat

  2. Juiol

    She is fat. That’s how you get huge & natural (and saggy) boobs.

  3. McShez

    Huge & natural (and saggy) boobs beat plastic injectables any day!

    • Heyzeus Hosay

      I agree…how could fake ever be better than real? Ever had butter? It beats margarine any day ;)

  4. 250 lb rockabilly/burlesque/rollerderby girl with Bettie Page bangs

    she makes me feel better about myself.

  5. waldo

    Looks like a fat fucking retard.

    No fapping to that. What a beast.

  6. Brooke

    When I scrolled down to about her elbows, I thought “Oh, she doesn’t look fat in this pic” and then I kept scrolling down and was like “Oh, hello lard.” I’m only half her size and I nearly cried when I went up to a size six recently…. but she’s like a size 16. I guess her charm on women is that we look at her and go “Well, now I don’t feel so bad about myself, because if SHE can be a sex symbol…”

    • DibriDD

      I would rather be a sz 16 then a sz 6. I don’t like pelvic bones and other bones of any sort sticking out grotesquely.

  7. DibriDD

    Okay, so the “fat” comments are getting alittle ridiculous. Just because she’s not the same sz as every single other woman in the media doesn’t mean she is unhealthy, doesn’t mean she’s ugly, and definatley doesn’t mean she’s fat. Everybody is built different. Just sterotypical people can’t understand that. Everyone in today’s society is screaming for someone or something “different”! And when it arrives in whatever form it may be, no one is satisfied. So shut screaming for someone or something different if you can’t accept what is given to you. Lady Gaga is not different, she is sick, so why don’t alot of people bash on her? Oh yea, because she isn’t a sz 10 or bigger! Oh and because she has catchy beats that SELL. One more question, have you actually seen her edical charts? Have you personally talked to her doctor(s)? She obviously isn’t too unhealthy. She obviously doesn’t give a crap about what you’re saying either. Her husband OBVIOUSLY LOVES HER FOR HER!!!! You don’t see that in Hollywood anymore. BECAUSE everybody is fake! Everybody is trying to set the same freaking image that everyone else is setting so nothing is ever REALLY different. So stop judging because for one, everybody trully is different(if they choose to be)and two, leave the judging up to God.

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