1. poopsmith


  2. IKE

    I STILL think she’s AWESOME!
    “Thick Fire!” HELL YEAH!!!!

    To say that I would hit would be needless.

  3. william

    She’s beautiful. I’d do her missionary style.

  4. I think she looks pretty good. She looks much better on the show, but I’d still happily insert my mediocre genitals into her. I have noticed that natural redheads tend to have a slightly stronger vaginal odor, though. Maybe it was just coincidence.

  5. rcp

    She’s got some really ugly feet.

  6. Me

    Her fat repulses me.

  7. Thickfyastarta

    I am in love with this woman…..except her fucked up feet, I love her ankle to neck

  8. She went from mad men to mad stretch pants that squeeze those thighs of fat to her mad huge ass.

  9. Dee

    She was gorgeous in Firefly.

    She got cute in mad men.

    She got kinda… thick for my tastes now.

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