1. Fumus

    You can see areola on the left boob…amiright?

    • Mike Hunt

      She looks like a curvy Courtney Love with a Yorkshire Terrier on her right shoulder, but she’s still gorgeous!

  2. As per usual, I’m required to inform you all that I was happily and without reservation murder each and every one of you for a night with this woman. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you may carry on with your lives…for now.

  3. She’s the straight guy’s Tori Amos.
    I could do without the junkie hairdo, though.

  4. dee

    I am all for women being comfortable with their natural figure and not deprive themselves of food just to be skinny etc etc but from my perspective, if you take the dress off, it won’t be be very nice under there..

  5. sos

    I honestly think the big boobs and the paleness is a bit much…

  6. What’s with the hair? Seriously, did she fall asleep at the event???

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