1. JJ

    her tits are insane, but here face is so blah… why is that? she looks like a totally boring broad.

  2. honest abe

    She has the curves, but does she have any hand to mouth skills?

    • Iyaz

      How cute!! I love it and this is definitely sonmehitg that I try to live every day when caring for my family. It helps me not feel like the little stuff is unimportant and nobody cares.

  3. what the FUCK is up with her face? either major photoshopping, or she’s had work done, or she’s lost weight JUST on her face and neck. this is absurd. it’s like a reasonably-attractive model’s head on a curvy chick’s body.

    i think christine hendricks is HOT, but something is very wrong here…

  4. Al

    All you have to do is look at her right thigh, and anybody with experience will know she is not fat. Those slacks are relatively slim cut, and she doesn’t come anywhere near to filling them out.

  5. Oh Geez

    this photo is not bonerific

  6. The Cynic

    What a waste of tits. That face could launch a thousand longer faces.

  7. Katie

    I love her, but that outfit was a terrible idea. That stylist should be shot.

  8. heywood

    She is so full of shit. She is a big girl perfect to take home at 2am when I am three sheets to the wind. But I doubt she is getting hit on as much as she claims. The bitch is pasty and fat with large cans. She needs to get over herself she is trash….

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