1. Chris

    I wonder what her snozzberries taste like right meow.

  2. suz

    Ugh – is that her husband? He’s not much of a looker, is he?

  3. Amominous

    “So do you like my new red do, Gomez?”
    “Why, yes, yes I do, my lovely Morticia. It brings out your ‘eyes’”

  4. Simole

    He’s either loaded or got a freakishly large dong.

  5. If this clown is good enough to be banging her, Weird Al Yankovic should be giving Angelina Jolie tongue baths.

  6. sabrina

    He maybe UGLY,,,,,,But I bet he knows how to work tit,,, I mean it…. (sorry couldnt help it)

  7. Sin

    Lukiest dude in the world.

  8. darebear


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