1. Josephus

    No, I’m pretty sure that’s the flag from the Giants-Steelers game this weekend.

  2. LilDeuceDeuce

    Star-spangled bantha.

  3. Josie

    wtf is she wearin in her hair?! Kinda looks like ringworm

  4. Diggy

    Xtina – “Speaking of ‘ButtFuck People’…”

  5. Squiggy

    Damnit…She just ended 35 years of crushing on Wonder Woman in half of a second flat. The Star Spangled Panties are dead to me now.

  6. Mike

    damn i want those jeans, too cute!

  7. Ever been hit in the head really hard and saw stars? Those jeans went on plain blue.

  8. Tron

    And if you look closely, there’s a galaxy with planets, rotating around one of the those stars. I just found extraterrestrial life on Xtinas ass!! Your move SETI.

  9. Sir William

    Bitch could have fit the whole Milky Way galaxy on her ass, but Milky Ways are part of the problem.

  10. Alexxx

    I have no problem with a middle eastern country burning this.

  11. Alec

    I bet she can rip some amazing sounding farts.

  12. She looks like a fatter Cyndi Lauper.

  13. Could someone break it to her that she is 32 and a mom? Dressing like you’re twelve when you are in your 3rd decade smacks of desperation. Also see Mariah Cary.

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