1. Jessica

    This chic is incredibly bow leggeded and just.. Was not blessed with decent legs. There was a calf removal somewhere along the line

  2. Zeus

    I thought she was Mexican, not Minotaur.

  3. Jake Gyllenhaal

    You know you’re a baller when Kirsten Dunst carries your bags behind you.

  4. Jack Ketch

    Those are some very sensible walking shoes … not.

  5. ChonchArcola

    she’s an old cowhand…from the rio grande..and she learned to ride..before she could stand…

  6. MrsWrong

    trying to decide who looks worse….

  7. Big Mike

    Say what you want but that gait of hers is too sexy… I’m hittin it on site!

  8. imabrat

    I hear thunder.

  9. Dick Dickerson


  10. Steelerchick

    Beth Chapman’s looking good.

  11. GGG


  12. Tracey

    At least she’s real; nothing wrong with her legs, but she should seriously stay away from those pants with those hooker pumps; NOT a good combination.

  13. Kat B.

    Well, her face looks better without the tranny make-up. As for the rest of her … well, these photos just make it all the more laughable that she claims to weigh 100 lbs. In comparison, Eva Longoria, who is the same height as Christina Aguilera (5’2″), weighs 105 lbs. In other words, this bloated creature claims to weigh less than the tiny Eva Longoria. it’s laughable, but it’s also kind of sad that she feels compelled to lie about her weight. It confirms that she knows she’s way too fat for her height. And just because she’s “real,” that doesn’t mean she’s admirable. She looks like that because she over-indulges in alcohol and doesn’t work out. She’s a horrible example to her young fans (if she still has any). Most Americans are over-weight, so people in the spotlight should do more to promote good health. Being a pathetic, sedentary alcoholic is promoting the opposite.

  14. Solaera

    Not only is she incredibly bow-legged, put her knees bow backwards as well. What is that called any how? I had a boyfriend once with ‘backward’ knees. Weird, I have never heard a term for it.

    I don’t think that bag handler is Kirsten Dunst. It is a sad and extremely bloated Claire Danes. Lol.

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