1. god_damn

    as if the cottage cheese ass and ginormous camel toe weren’t enough she’s got a biscuit head and a wonk eye too…didn’t this chic used to be cute ? wtf happened ?

  2. Cock Dr

    The “I ditched the Mole-Man & got a new boyfriend who likes to drink as much as I do” party just keep on rolling.

  3. Linzie

    I’d love to say something nasty but i actually think she looks cute here

    • Jack Ketch

      She actually looks half-decent without the loads of foundation, lipstick and fake eyelashes … Jesus, I swear she plugs up the sink when she washes it off …

  4. SS1

    I’d love to bury my face in that ass!!!

  5. Tracey

    The best she’s looked in a long time. Real body, less makeup, perfect.

  6. Cyndi

    She looks amazing in this photo. So pretty.

  7. kevin

    the haters should shut the fuck up already. she is beautiful. u may wish u had a girlfriend like her. then ur 1 lucky guy. (or girl)

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