1. Drundel

    Its like she gave up on life.

  2. maeby

    it looks like she just got off a horse and then puckered up.

  3. SexxiMamma

    I think she should start hitting the gym!!!

  4. Sexxxi Mami

    Real original name, dumbass.

  5. BigJohn

    my dick would look good buried in that

  6. Hobo Killer

    Looks likes she’s trying to hold a huge dump

  7. Remember when she was “nasty” in a good way?

  8. samson

    Is the person who wrote the call line blind? Sure it’s all natural, and nobody would every confuse Christina’s butt for implants, but it sure ain’t pretty! It’s just a saggy a$$ that gained weight, but it’s still saggy a$$.

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