1. mrsmass

    this is more realistic. that other picture has to be photoshopped.

    • The photographers that shoot these events don’t have the time to Photoshop things. They shoot and then upload them as fast as possible so that Fish can buy them and we can weigh in (haw haw).

  2. doni

    The other picture was crazy! She’s really not that big, it’s just that everyone else in Hollywood is skin and bones.

    • KatieG

      The problem is she’s short. When you’re short if you gain 5 pounds it looks like 20. It sucks but she should really get on that shit.

  3. Phoenix

    She’s showing off the hydraulic shock absorbers in the heels.

  4. At this rate in about 5 months she’ll be Snooki Thick.

  5. well, she doesm need something to distract the attention from her shading. Man, that face is painted like the war is coming

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