1. Before any of you talk about how she’s still beautiful or isn’t fat, here’s a prior picture for reference.

    • Tbh, I think that she is too skinny there- but she is too big now. Somewhere inbetween she was perfect, but I think she was busy being a mom or something so we never saw it.

  2. freakydeacon

    You’re also talking about the difference between a 14 year old girl and a grown woman. I promise your girlfreind is fatter than her. She weighs like, 115 pounds, tops.

    • tao

      Are you saying Christina only weighs 115 now? You have gotta be kidding me. She was much more than that.

      Also, Christina wasn’t 14 in that picture. She was 18 when Genie in a Bottle became a success and her career got going.

  3. Beast

    Snooki’s BIGGER sister

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