1. Andrea

    Gross. She looks really fucking bad here, and this is coming from someone who used to think she was mildly pretty. She looks beat up and old. Photoshop can do wonders because she looks good in mags but in person? No thanks.

  2. EuropeanGirl

    old freak.
    she’s just ridicolous. Somebody need to explain her that she has not the Gaga age (or charisma) nor the Von Teese charm.
    Looks like a dressed up random clerk.

  3. hiya

    she looks awful ? you re out of your fucking fat jealous mind ! She look gorgeous, 100 % american slut style !!! she s definitely BEAUTIFUL !! Gaga is a fucking ugly thing that needs lots of distractive shit to hide her awful nose and face, at least xtina is gorgeous, sexy and no matter what you say about her, you losers… she s the one earning lots of money ! and you, live on your moma s basement, jealous no life fat asses cunts

  4. i would fucking her everyday for the rest of my life

    i would lick xtina’s vagina until she had a female ejaculation in my mouth and i would swallow it all in one of her miusic videos.

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