1. Melissa

    when did kristen bell become a backup dancer?

  2. Ismoss

    What she’s done to herself is criminal

  3. Brooke

    The dude on the right is prettier than she is. At least, I think that tuft of underarm hair belongs to a dude…

  4. Gigi

    Um… Christina? Maybe you want a celery stick instead of some turkey for Thanksgiving dinner?

  5. Daaaang

    This is madness, it’s like she’s telling little girls everywhere that you can look like an average, albeit shapeless woman and still be famous if you have an amazing talent.
    So wrong.

    • Sheradar

      Daaang…. so RIGHT.

    • XGL

      This isn’t average, this is unhealthy. She most likely suffers from hypertension, and if she doesn’t, she will. She is on her way to Type 2 diabetes. I agree, women shouldn’t be skinny, but they shouldn’t be overweight either. You should be HEALTHY. She is shortening her life span and decreasing her quality of life. Heart disease is the number one killer of women.

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