1. Wow

    first ?

  2. Savannah

    It’s about time. I started noticing her gaining weight around the time the divorce started, then in the pictures of her receiving her star last week she looked a shit load heavier and I’ve been wondering why none of the gossip columnists were saying anything.

  3. RATA

    What the fuck happened to her?? she used to be so fit… STILL Fat Christina looks a thousand times better than Fat Britney. There’s no point of comparison…

  4. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Lady GaGa isn’t the only one that can grow a FUPA…I’ll show her!

  5. xicobionico

    she looks so pretty..i hope she is pregnant..another baby would be great!

  6. ???

    why is that then? Another potential stalkee for the future?

  7. Haha you know, when I first looked at this from the tits up, I was like she looks pretty decent, what’s everyone talking about?
    …then I scrolled down and was like OH SHIT!
    Deceptive bitch.

  8. Dick Face

    At first glance I thought she was Jessica Simpson…”Dear God” these chicks are barely into their 30′s, can’t they put down the turkey leg and slim up for the sake of teenage masturbation? or even middle-age masturbation?…WTF!

  9. teya

    those extra pounds looks great on her! So curvy and voluptuous

  10. Heathy

    She has always fluctuated! Look at her in some of her concert pictures when she had dark hair years ago! She’s always up and down. People just don’t notice cause she hasn’t been in the limelight for a while! She’s bound to put some on during a divorce too! It’s mow down time!

  11. Daaaang

    She doesn’t look like she’s growing a kid so much as like she *ate* one.
    And by ‘one’, I mean a Buick full of milkshakes.

  12. Ann

    Perhaps she is carrying another man’s child, which explains the divorce… which means Aguilera probably cheated on her soon-to-be ex husband.. Whew! Way too much going on here. I doubt X-tina is just gaining weight.

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