1. Cock Dr

    You can’t get much closer to pop diva boobage than this photo.

  2. jt

    how can i get my mouth on those? seriously? does anyone know anyone who knows her breasts?

  3. GIGI

    Some Guy said Christina looks like The Tranny, in that Movie. I looked to see and OMG, she does! I am A big Fan of Christina, and happen to look like her, but this is going a bit bad for her now. She gained a lot of weight, and now people are making fun of her. also she is going out too much partying, and getting drunk. What happened Christina! What are you doing to yourself? this is not good! Hope Christina will go back to being the nice sweet woman she used to be. A little edge is ok, but first she gets rid of Jordan, for this unknown, who is living off her, and then she is drunk, every night! Wishing Christina, Good Luck! GIGI

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