1. Michael McBride

    Why is it everyone is wanting to hate on Christina Aguilera? She is a truly talented singer and beautiful woman and yet she is still just a PERSON. Cut her some slack for 5 minutes. We do not know everything that is going on her her life and nobody needs to be so critical of someone giving it her all (even if she may occasionally stumble)…. Christina is NOT out there getting photographed with pot or smoking from a bong so give her a break. I for one appreciated her efforts at the Super Bowl and at the Grammys.

    • Realist

      She has sung that song her entire life. No slack. Cant stand on stage without falling. Something is going on. U dont know what she is doing behind the scenes. And she cant even sing well anymore. Is she pregnant or just getting tubby? U need to wake up. A high school student could have sung the national anthem better than her. Please.

  2. dave

    she’s drunk ,cant sing,cant walk,looser!!

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