1. ThighHighs

    Someone needs some Spanx. Pronto.

    • County

      I was just thinking that! I’m a bigger woman, but I carry it well. And if I ever want to wear something a bit form fitting, I buy SpanX!! LOL. Some women just don’t carry weight well. I do.

  2. Alexandrov Fedoseev

    Oh, no you didn’t! Uh uh! Bitch, did you just called me fat? Ohhh hell no!

  3. Robin

    it’s really too bad she was such a pretty girl, she apparently cares more about the booze than her health

  4. Cock Dr

    Birthin’ hips.
    No amount of whalebone or elastic can conceal them.

  5. No ya’ll, she’s not fat, she’s just defrosting her Thanksgiving turkey under her dress. Multitasking!

  6. DKK

    She is gorgeous! You go Christina!

  7. Jeffiner

    i didn’t think you could have a muffin top in a dress.

  8. Cathy

    If thats fat, then you folks need to get your mental health checked!

  9. She’s actually not that badly shaped, she just needs to learn how to dress for her figure. This ain’t it.

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