1. ThighHighs

    Who is it that is telling her that form-fitting dresses are doing her a favor? UGH. I’m embarassed for her.

  2. justagirl

    She’s not going to look any smaller in a flowing dress, but I agree, this was a bad, bad choice. Her stylist must detest her.

  3. shawnb89

    It’s not often you see a cameltoe on a woman in a dress…..

  4. mike nike

    What a fat fuck!!!! I wouldn’t fuck that ho with my neighbors cock. We should start another celeb site, only one that allows me to say stuff like, i bet Jennifer Lopez’s ass reeks like shit. Stuff like that. Real hardcore.

  5. The new zoom feature is not doing this dress any favors.

  6. bj

    “I’m every woman, they’re all IN MEEEEE”

  7. Nik

    She can still outsing 99.9% of the woman in the music industry.

    • As much as I hate some of her attentionwhoring, she at least gets a modicum of respect from me for being able to actually sing. That’s more than I can say for most of the trainwrecks out there.

  8. Duke Malibu

    Nik.. I may not totally agree with you about the 99.9 percent, but I saw her in concert and the girl has a set of pipes… The thing is, when celebs pack on extra pounds, the weight-loss companies clamor to get them to be their spokespeople.. They pay them big bucks to lose it !! How many of you can say that ???

  9. Hooper

    Shes still hot as hell. Totally would.

  10. DKK

    Beautiful & curvy. So gorgeous!

  11. Jeffiner

    kelly osbourne is loving these pics

  12. CranAppleSnapple

    And the whole front row falls off their chairs.

  13. jk475

    I hope the Christina Aguilera had as much fun at the tranny convention as this one did at the AMAs I just hope her management team doesn’t get canned for the mixup.

  14. sarah

    Seems as though she royally pissed off her stylist…

  15. If it’s all about her voice than why do we have to see her anymore.

  16. ...

    WOW Christina is really let go, she totally lost control, what is she 250 LB at least now? wowwwww totally disgusting

  17. ugh

    Maybe the weight will help her develop some calves. That would balance her out.

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