1. sheldon

    A lot hotter than she has been looking these past couple, few, ten or so years.

  2. Misana

    Did she fix her implants?

  3. maruli

    Her boob looks like it was sloppily welded to her chest. Gross.

  4. poodle

    “When I told you these bandage dresses were amazing, I meant they were slimming, not that they could work miracles.”
    –Jennifer Love Hewitt

  5. When will chicks learn that lumpy implants are not something to be proud of.

  6. bj

    I don’t care what you guys say….Jessica Simpson is looking HWAT!

  7. Jamie

    What’s that saying? The camera adds 200 pounds? I’m sure that’s what’s going on here.

  8. Duke Malibu

    What can I say !! It’s such a wonderful world because you all are so damn perfect and talented… Here’s an idea… look critically at yourself in the mirror, sing a few bars and then get back to me !!

  9. The first shot is foxy as hell. It’s only downhill from there. Heh.

  10. Hooper

    Ok. Sexy.

  11. Jeffiner

    how sad. she tried to wear jennifer love hewitt’s bandage dress to look skinny.

  12. tlmck

    Meanwhile, NASA is looking into this material for sling-shotting things into orbit.

  13. Keeser

    Kermiiiiiiiiiit!!! it’s so good to be back don’t you think?

  14. Herbert Von Peen

    Damned depressing what a pig she has become.

  15. Fat girls give the best head because they are hungry.


    She looks amazing .I dont know why people call her fat

  17. RichPort

    This genie will never fit in a bottle again…

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