1. diego

    Boy George is pulling a Sandusky with a 4 year old twink! Quick, somebody call JoePa! Wait… What’s that? He’s dead? No shit. Well, it’d do just about as much good as telling him while he was alive, so…

  2. shewashot

    I used to fap at least once a day to this chick. Now, I must avoid my cock to see her at all cost. Fat is a boner killer.

  3. If she’s so self-conscious about her weight…maybe she shouldn’t wear the “cross your camel-toe” tights that lift and separate.

    Just a thought ladies…if you gain 50 lbs but still dress in your old clothes, we can still see you.

    • vgirl

      That’s the thing. She can’t fit into her old size 2 jeans there fore she’s wearing the shit out of her tights.

      • That’s why Jesus invented the mumu…he died on the cross so that we wouldn’t have to look at this!

        admittedly my understanding of christian mythology is a little sketchy.

  4. vgirl

    The real reason she only wears tights anymore is because she can’t fit into any of her regular pants anymore.

  5. Van

    Maybe if she would stop looking like a slob, she wouldn’t look so unflattering. Hire a stylist who can dress your body type so you still look great!

  6. mrs.chanels

    she looks good…lol

  7. bo

    I have a hard time believing she cares about being in the “latest slimming fashions” when she’s constantly parading around in leggings out in the world, and body suits/fishnets on stage. She never wears stuff that is remotely flattering to her body type.

  8. she is still hot wish i could look like her

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