1. keepcool

    oh, give her a break. She’s still pretty and wouldn’t even be considered ‘plus size’ in the normal world.

    and she’s really cute with her kid.

  2. you think this is fat???

    oh my god. I think she is SO HOT with some meat on her bones.

    Screw anyone that thinks this is unattractive. Curves are way sexier than bones.

    it realyl upsets me the ignorance of some people. Whatever, I know some of you have your own and different tastes, that’s fine.
    BUT don’t call Christina LAZY or FAT because she is NEITHER.
    She is a woman, and women are supposed to be curvy like that.

    She is no where near “fat”

    I’d way rather do her over some skinny b’tch anyday.

  3. Josh

    No kidding she is so hot, I actually like her just the way she is!
    And the same people talking shit forget they aren’t perfect either! Everyone has their own issues. And if I meet someone who is normal or perfect then they are probably soooo boring and boo yah right their thats an imperfection!

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