1. LegMan

    I’d still throw it to her.

  2. Those spanx are working overtime.

  3. Dale

    I know you might be mean on her for getting chubby but she looks really hot with the Spanx on. Wouldn’t you prefer this to skeletal any day of the week? Boobs, nice makeup, curves….

    • lily

      fake boobs, orange spray on tan, make up overload…and now trashy purple extensions like a 17 year old would clip in….shes disgusting and still needs to lose 15 pounds

  4. Ladypants

    And so the transformation into Grimace takes another leap forward.

  5. lily

    bloated purple trash

  6. Michelle

    Oh this must be the new colour of irrelevance by Cover Girl

  7. NineInchNailed

    Although for some reason I kinda like how the purple contrasts with her blue eyes and platinum blonde hair (would probably look better on a teenager), here she definitely looks like she’s doing porn. This pose, the parted mouth, arched eyebrows are the giveaways.

  8. Glenys

    Doro Pesch II

  9. Her face is in perpetual stink eye/dirty look. Why do you hate us so much Aguilera? You think you’re better than us? Curse yer mammaries!

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