1. shelooksfine

    she looks fab!! people should leave her alone, just cause shes famous …. i love that people FATTER than her are calling her out.

  2. Wendy

    There’s always a guy in the background, pointing out the fat chick that used to be hot.

  3. chmod

    Besides the hair, I think she looks sexy. Her stomach appears flat. You should see the heifers that guys fawn over in the cam rooms I obviously don’t know exist.

  4. An8

    She looks lovely

  5. An8

    What are you on about ? She looks great !

  6. bitch, please.

    Her face is the exact shade of yellow/orange as the two sweatshirts in the crowd behind Rutlers head.

  7. lily

    gross radioactive tan, bad make up, terrible outfit, still needs to lose 30 pounds. i think thats about it.

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