1. bassackwards

    Ya know…you look at all these photos, you look into her eyes, her facial expression, and you just know that she’s thinking that she is sooooo much better than all the rest of us……she’s thinking about how hot she thinks she is……and that we are all just vessels for her use.
    Then there is reality……she’s a fat fucking alchoholic who thinks she’s better than she really is. She has no fashion sense, hence the tight fitting clothes on the fat-ass body, her singing already isn’t what it use to be, hell she can’t even remember the lines to our National Anthem…really??? of ALL the songs, THAT one you screw up, in its BIGGEST setting?
    I think she needs a few months to dry-out, maybe drop a ton, tone up, and practice singing……and ummmm..I don’t know, maybe go visit the troops in the desert, and do some REAL charity work…..

  2. As Christina lets out a fart the bald headed guy on the right is ready to pass out.

  3. I'm on my period

    Doesn’t she have a son? Why is she never taking care of him? Is she too busy stuffing her fat face and getting wasted with that leech she’s been fucking?

  4. iwatchuinursleep

    isn’t she pregnant??

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