1. Quiet Riot

    Christie doesn’t need her own post, she needs my POST! I am guessing her puss tastes like water from an artesian well…crisp, clean and without Billy Joel jizz!

  2. sean

    57 yearsold damnnnnnnnn

  3. kj

    Holy shit!


    Her mom’s a Dermatologist! Her mom also looks like the Devil’s spawn… SO I am guessing Christie nips and tucks – she still looks good for her age… She better not over do it and look like Barbara Eden or Joan Van Ark.. Skwary!!

  5. Boo

    Fair play to her- she is gorgeous and looks better than I do- I model and am a 25 year old woman!! This is how plastic surgery should be done (and good genes probabley!) I honestly didnt know who she was and thought she was in her late 30′s!!

  6. Mahogma


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