1. valerie

    dear janice dickinson,

    this is what an aging supermodel should look like.


  2. Xtina

    Her right hand looks a little “wicked witch of the west” to me, but that’s probably why has the ladies perked up and pushed out– misdirection.

  3. Arzach

    That’s the difference between doing a little nip-tuck here and there just to look good and knowing and accepting her age and others that obsessively pump themselves in botox impossibly trying to be 20 eternally

  4. Hola

    OMFG! She is fucking insanely fucking hot! She looks like she’s in her late 30′s. Bitch had to have sold her soul to the devil. She puts women in their 30′s to shame

  5. looks great

    She looks great. :) Honestly for being 57 she had to have a bit more work done than a “little” which is cool but gotta call it like I see it. She’s not fooling anyone,.

  6. Castallare

    I think God is repaying her for that whole being-married-to-Billy-Joel thing. Um, anybody got his number?

  7. some dude

    I refuse to believe she’s 57. Goddamn, she looks good.

  8. Dan

    She’s the reason we don’t have unicorns any more… But in my opinion, maintaining her hotness for this long – is worth it.

  9. Oh, Snap!

    Ok, sure, she’s had work done – it would be impossible to look like this at her age without it, but it has been GOOD work, subtle work, not “I wanna look just like my daughter Lola” work.

  10. Schwing!

    My computer monitor is beginning to melt and is dripping around the edges. If she told me she was 37 I’d believe her. Wowzers!

  11. Procrasinator

    Yet again, a black man in the background says it all…

  12. Mark Lindgren

    Christie Brinkley is almost 58 yrs.old [Feb.2nd] and she’s still hot,but she doesn’t even come close to Pat Devore [56 yrs.old] the girl of my dreams.

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