1. holy butterface on a muffin batman!

    There was a physical shock, like an unexpected kick in the groin when I tracked from boobs up to face…

  2. Dumbing down the vulnerable,rough

    Hold everything! Does it have its own Facebook?

  3. Ouch!!

    Lenny Kravitz+boobs

  4. God that is a horrid mug shot but I seldom bother to look that high anyway… :)

  5. “Biggie Smalls…. Biggie Smalls… Biggie Sma….”

  6. Cock Dr

    I was disappointed. It’s a cross between the wookie Kardashian sister & JLo and it ain’t working.
    Those probably aren’t real either. Meh.

  7. TheAdmiral

    She’s got a forehead like a moai…

  8. “Oh yeah, she’s definitely a 24.”
    “Pairs of chromosomes.”

  9. Not really a good look with a 5 head like that to crop the top of her hair out of the picture.

    Makes her look downsey. A totally hitable, I’d destroy that ish downsey, but downsey nonetheless.

  10. Phaid

    Anybody say “butterface” yet? Because yeah.

  11. Ms. Poodle

    OH please.. her face is fine.. I’m more concerned about the outward pointing nipples… that can’t give you good self-esteem. :(

  12. BEN

    You guys are insane, that is one hot woman

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