1. That Jezebel writer is annoying as fuck. I’m a feminist that strongly believes that women are equal to men and deserve the exact same rights. “Feminists” that get bent out of shape over something as trivial as the word slut are seriously choosing the wrong battle. All of the energy that writer wasted debating with Chrissy could have been spent encouraging a female child in her life to become an engineer or scientist. Jezebel is so unfunny and annoying that I’ll never make the mistake of visiting that site again.

  2. Moreija

    There are so many misguided feminists out there. I’ll bet Tracie Egan Morrissey thought that Angelina Jolie was an inspiration to women because she had her implant enhanced breasts removed and replaced with another set of implants.
    Like I as a woman should be admirable of Angelina for doing such an unnecessary thing (rolls eyes).

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