1. Cock Dr

    Seems like your typical tasteful b-day celebration there in the Sin City.
    Is that Montana Fishburne there doing a split for douchebag Brown?

  2. In case you had to visualize what Lamar and Khloe’s perfume smells like…

  3. Mac

    It’s pretty evident where the right leg was inserted. It definitely fits.

  4. kate

    oh honey, put on some fucking pants.

  5. Mandy

    Oh.. my… GOD! Really?!?! That is some of the most unattractive…just… ugh. And for the smart ass who commented about “blacks lowering the bar for strippers” or whatever…. stfu. There are nasty strippers in all shapes, colors, sizes, etc. Go to a military town’s strip joint on a Tuesday night lol. Anyway, this pictures are totally unflattering… they should know that the paps don’t do airbrushing and should not have allowed themselves to be photographed lol

  6. Jill_Ess

    That’s just nasty.

  7. BklynGibbs

    YES WE CAN!!!

  8. Meh

    This whole scene just grosses me out. What a bunch of friggin’ animals.

  9. Chrissie

    Ha, look at the guy’s face in the grey at the bottom right.

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