1. Hugh Jass

    yeah that’s ass sweat

  2. Deacon Jones

    Who invited Britney to the party?

  3. Is that Coolio on the right?

  4. Black people, lowering the bar for strippers for nearly 100 years.

  5. Laura

    Looks like he wants to jerk it so bad but he just can’t find anything to work with

  6. heywood jablomey

    his mouth is so wide open i can see his wiener being squeezed from inside his body.

  7. Jovy

    Alright…who put the hippo in lingerie again?

  8. Get over it

    drop it, BAM! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! crack that table!
    Love stripper parties. From there facial expressions, looks like an 8 on the richter scale.

  9. ann

    I think if Chris Brown still love rihanna he should call her and let her known about his feelings. Discuss where they at and if things cannot work out ,just keep it friendly. But be the bigger person and find out from her first if she want him to move on in a relation with some one else or if she still have any feeling hidden, for him, feeling of love for him and wants to get back to gether.

  10. ann

    I think in order for chris brown to move on perfectly he has to check with rihann and find out frist form her if she is truely ok with him moving on with someone else or if she still love him and want a relationship back probably a quite one for now. In order to move on he has to clean up his past with rihanna and break the ice and talk to her know what going on with her heart and even if it does not work out they can be just good friends.

  11. Rod Johnson

    it’s not a black people party until some whore’s stretched out pock marked disgusting ass gets exposed to wild cheers and intensification of the standard perverted stares.

  12. Rod Johnson

    They should have brought him a Rihanna pinata.

  13. Huh>!

    Seriously, this guy’s a douche, but he’s rich and famous and could have his pick of stupid (but hot) women and he goes for that ghetto trash?

  14. salavation

    I’m confused…is this Rihanna reenacting the crime scene?

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