1. Franksinatrastein

    All things are allowed when you’re a liberal.

    Beat your wife? No problem.

    Pedophile? Don’t let us catch you for the 20th time.

    Drunk driving Senator? Take a number.

    Drunk driving Senator who kills a woman and later is too drunk to stop a rape in his own house? We can get behind that.

    Former Grand Kleagle or Uber Cyclops or whatever in the KKK? Where do I vote for such a fine man?

    If Mel Gibson would just announce that he was pro abortion, or hated Sarah Palin or something like that, he’d be a fucking hero. Liberals would line up to punch the rest of his ex’s teeth out, just to show how progressive they are…

  2. Mojojojo

    That was pretty impressive the way you took something totally apolitical and made it into a vitriolic anti-liberal rant.

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