1. Wayarr

    If only…

  2. And the next runner up is this lovely lady, ready to get her face punched out. Reconstructive surgery not included. What a lucky drunk gal she is!

  3. #Liloisamoron

    Hey Fish, if you believe that shit….you also believe that LiLo is a virgin and Britney Spears is so reformed that she now attends church every Sunday before hosting the Women’s Prayer Circle on Tuesday evenings. Nothing but hype because his latest album is tanking……no new here, move on!

  4. RubberBandMan

    Who’s the hot chick and why is that doofus harassing her.

  5. Pat C.

    Good looking chick – no bruises or black eyes.

  6. Jenn

    Here’s hoping he follows Bynes’ fun youngsters’ retirement plan
    Wear all of Miss Piggy’s old wigs
    Call everybody ugly
    Smoke a buttload of weed
    Call everybody ugly
    Throw bongs out of windows
    Call everybody ugly
    Set fire to things
    Get put in a mental institution

  7. some black guy

    damn wish that was me…

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