1. The thing about twitter is it’s basically encourage to be an unfiltered stream of consciousness. Problem is when you’re an idiot, everyone gets to see what the inside of an idiots brain looks like, tantrums, misogyny, pedophilia and all.

    I’m looking at you Chris and Ashton…both of you.

  2. BAHAH

    I 100% agree with you. Something like this can’t be brushed off and forgotten. He fucking almost killed her, and imagine what he’s done before, and WILL do. He’s a weak, little woman-beater bitch, and since then, I never bought his music again or even listened to it. And he SUCKS COCK at music anyway, so Chris Brown can burn in hell.

  3. Mike Walker

    Chris: Hey watch, when I pull my ears out I look like a monkey!
    Suelyn: OMG you do!
    Chris: Uh, I’m not pulling yet.

  4. And he holds me by the ears just like this when he bashes my head into the car door!

  5. moilovesbreezy

    Jealous ppl. Just go somewhere. Breezy’s side of da story has neva been heard cuz he doesnt want her downfall like she does and bcos he’s man enough to admit and correct his mistakes. If yall saints with no mistakes den why yall burnin in hell?? Just go lick some blue~waffles and brush ur teeth. Ya breath stanks o.d!!

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