1. Dox

    Prolly gonna regret this… but…

    Christine Mendoza… Gorgeous.
    The rest of you can pant away for your celebrities with explosive diarrhea, I’ll just take Christine, a small tropical island with a bungalow, and 1 1976 Henri Jayer.

  2. She’s pretty sexy.

    • Dox

      No. Pretty sexy is the dance of a thousand veils performed while your slightly buzzed from all the other people smoking hashish around you.

      Christine Mendoza, dancing (Just go search you tube.), is…. a…. holy fuck moment.

      With bedroom eyes, a slightly pouting smile and lips that beg to be kissed….

      This is beyond sexy. Sensual. Alluring. Breath taking. Soul Shattering. These are words that describe her.

      Holy shit, where did that come from?

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