1. superficial you could screwd here, karaueche is the blond one lmao

    • Blech

      Um, Fish isn’t screwed, he just doesn’t care. Which is a good way to live.

      I think the point, Cornelia, which you unsurprisingly just don’t get, is that no one really gives a fuck who Chris Brown’s whore of the hour is. Besides, her only purpose is to convince us that Mr. Brown isn’t gay. It’s not like these two are doing each other or anything.

  2. Blech

    Tran: “I said BEEF hot dogs. Dont you know who I am?”
    Worker: “A million apologies, Ms. Tran. I didn’t realize you were Chris Brown’s girlfriend, why with your lack of bruising, scratches, and facial swelling.”

  3. Yeahhh

    Karrueche is the blond one dumbasses

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