1. chuckwise

    Nice Dumper. But she’s a 2-bagger.

  2. Drew

    I remember wanting to rail the shit out of her when I first saw Palmetto way back when…

    Not so much anymore. Not a terrible ass though, I guess.

  3. Wally Gatorade

    I think this is one of the sexiest bitches on the planet. Nice body, an “always ready” kind of a vibe, and she cleans up really well.

    Of course, I’m not a squealing homosexual nelly like some other people who comment here.

    • Drew

      Straight guys that claim things like this are “sexy bitches” probably just have incredibly low standards.

      Grats on not being gay though.

      • Commando Keri

        or they dont have superficially high ones from looking at made-up pornstars 24/7 with no hope of someday having a human girlfriend to have sex with.

        Ugh your poor dog/ guinea pig. Better use duct tape loser.

  4. DKK

    Very nice.

  5. Foaming Solvent

    Can’t see her picture or name without thinking “Brown Bunny.”

  6. Derek

    She’s still hot.

  7. electrcguy

    she’s pretty mainstream for a porn actress

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