1. Juch

    Somehow still less repugnant/tiresome than Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus.

  2. looks good to me. mind anything looks good at my age. ho ho.

  3. alexxx3488

    If I could turn back time……

  4. JonnyBigRig

    Honestly.. for 70-80.. That’s pretty hot. Plastic or not. She could pass for 50.

  5. Linda

    Cher, is Cher the one and only, when she were’s clothes she dose it with a smile and she’s happy with the way she look’s.anyone who put’s her down for it best look to see how jellyface they realy are, beside she walks it all to the bank, and she’s kind of RICH. I say if you got it flant it, u go Cher your the best.

  6. You’re the best, not your the best, Jeeezus!

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