1. Your Gynecologist

    I bet he smells like turkey pot pie and Vagesil.

  2. Cock Dr

    Looks like a guy to me. Can’t say that I see ANYTHING feminine there in these photos.
    While it’s very unlikely I hope Chaz wins that dancing show contest. That would make a lot of people’s heads explode.

  3. Z

    Personally, I think he looks pretty good. I am sure he knows he has to lose some weight but apart from that he doesn’t look bad. Maybe part of why he is doing ‘DWTS’ is to get in shape. It’s not like he needs the money! Whatever the case I wish him luck. I think if he started hitting the gym hard he would be a great looking guy!

  4. Unknown

    The thing is, if he lost weight then we might see what’s underneath, which might not look like a typical dude’s body. By keeping himself fat we can’t tell if there’s a woman’s shape underneath the fat or not… He probably doesn’t have as much muscle mass as a normal fat dude would have underneath the fat since genetically he wasn’t born a man. Would he end up looking like a non-muscular skinny dude or end up with a skinny chick body with the hourglass thing but minus the boobs? I’m not sure how much synthetic hormones can do in terms of actual body structure…?

  5. Cameron

    He’s taking male hormones so technically, if he lost the weight, he should pretty much gain the male brawn as well. He’s already got some good shoulder muscle. It’s subtle, but it’s there. For it to be showing through the weight, shows he can grow a male figure. Good for him man, shows how far we’ve come as people to be honest. He’s really not getting the insane amount of ridicule I expected from such a controversial subject.

  6. He/She is crazy. I remember Chaz as a little girl and she should have stayed that way…not a circus sideshow. Sorry! her mind just is not right.

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